Market Segments


General aviation both private and commercial are areas where Fuel Masters can help you.


No matter what you are building, highways, pipelines, power plants, gas plants, schools or retail stores, you need a good supply of fuel.

Convenience Stores

Convenience stores have a large amount of competition for all of the products that they sell. Fuel is one of the major draws to most all stores and pricing of that fuel is very important to many people.

Farms-Ranches-Farmers Coops

America and the world depends on American farmers and ranchers to provide quality foods and clothing materials.


From fishing boats to U.S. Naval Warships, Fuel Masters helps deliver the fuel you need when you need it.


According to The National Mining Association on average, every American uses approximately 3.4 tons of coal and nearly 40,000 pounds of newly mined materials each year.


No matter if you are a town, city or village your elected or appointed officials have a very hard and important job of using their citizens tax dollars wisely.

Oil Field Service Companies

No matter if you provide a roustabout services, haul water, provide cementing, run coil tubing, move rigs, create drilling locations and roads or lay water and gas lines, you use a lot of fuel.

Oil-Gas-Energy Companies

Fuel Masters is a multi-state unbranded fuel provider. We can be your single source for gear oils to antifreeze to clear and dyed diesel.

Power Generation Facilities

At Fuel Masters we know that fuel and procurement managers are looking for security. Security in knowing that the fuel they need will be there when they need it.

School Districts

One of your major cost today is for fuel to transport students to and from school and also to events. Unbranded fuel that Fuel Masters sells is normally cheaper than most branded fuels throughout the nation.


Todays supermarkets are traditional grocery stores plus much more. They offer a wide range of food, medicine and household items plus some now even offer fuel.

Transport Companies

Trucking companies that transport finished goods or raw materials make up a very large segment of the vehicles that are on our roads every day.

Truck Stops

Truck Stops begin showing in America in the 1940s and are used then and now as a very big truck friendly source for fuel.

U.S. Military

Fuel Masters is proud of all of the branches of our military. We know that our nation needs a strong defense against forces looking to hurt us and destroy our way of life.