Team Members

  • John Landers
    John Landers

    Started: 2003

    Hobbies: Hunting, grandkids, ranching, church-related activities being a Deacon at Broadview Baptist

  • Jamie Landers
    Jamie Landers
    Vice President

    Started: 2003

    Hobbies: Aviation

  • Bobby Grimes
    Bobby Grimes
    Vice President

    Started: 2007

    Hobbies: Spending time with family, fishing, hunting and golf.

  • Wendy Collins
    Wendy Collins
    Southeast Sales Manager

    Started: 2005

    Hobbies: Kayaking, Reading

  • Tina Johnson
    Tina Johnson
    Account Manager

    Started: 2006

    Hobbies: Playing softball, traveling, cruising and watching her grandkiddo, Bristen, play all his sports.

  • Scott Thompson
    Scott Thompson
    Account Manager

    Started: 2014

    Hobbies: Farming, Hunting

  • Hardin Moore
    Hardin Moore
    Account Manager

    Started: 2011

    Hobbies: Being with grandkids, watching the Texas Rangers and Texas Tech Athletics

  • Cory Graham
    Cory Graham
    Account Manager

    Started: 2014

    Hobbies: Spending time with my family, friends and two English bulldogs. I am also a Bi-Vocational Pastor at Sagerton United Methodist Church. I also enjoy hunting and fishing when time allows.

  • Steven Elmore
    Steven Elmore
    Account Manager

    Started: 2014

    Hobbies: Anything outdoors in places without cell phone coverage

  • Eugene Villanueva
    Eugene Villanueva
    Account Manager

    Started: 2016

    Hobbies: Spending time with my family, working out and working on cars and motorcycles

  • Ricky Sanford
    Ricky Sanford
    Credit Manager

    Started: 2007

    Hobbies: Baseball, hanging out with my family, watching my kids play lots of sports

  • Fernando Madero
    Fernando Madero
    Latin American Operations

    Started: 2015

    Hobbies: I am a wine enthusiast, and have a wine production certificate from UC Davis at California, USA, and co-own with my wife Lucy and son Andrew a small winery at the Magic Town of Parras Coahuila, just at the hill side from the Sierra Madre Mountains. Our web page is Hacienda del Marques. I also love to bow hunt and the outdoors itself.

  • Michael Davis
    Michael C. Davis
    Southwest Sales Manager

    Started: 2014

    Hobbies: Spending time with his family, seeing new places, cooking and playing golf

  • Dennis Faust
    Dennis Faust
    Southeast Sales Manager

    Started: 2005

    Hobbies: Spending time with his family, traveling, playing golf and fishing

  • Roger Jackson
    Roger Jackson
    Southwest Sales Manager

    Started: 2016

    Hobbies: Family, volunteering at my church, basketball and golf

  • Jimmy Whitley
    Jimmy Whitley
    Supply Manager

    Started: 2008

    Hobbies: Running, playing guitar and golf

  • Kit Kimbrell
    Kit Kimbrell
    Supply & Distribution

    Started: 2003

    Hobbies: Golf

Our office staff are a very integral part of our business. They provide great customer service by handling quotes, freight, billing, credit applications, taxes and many other things. These professionals are the best at what they do and they keep the wheels turning at Fuel Masters. We are very fortunate to have each of them on our team.

Pictured from left to right: Rhonda Strickler, Teresa Hargrove, Shannon Doty, Terri Huyck, Lynn McHalek, Monica Arredondo, Ester Villanueva, Roxanne Roe and Bree Clup.

Fuel Masters Office Staff